Reference Bodies

Manufacturing of Reference Bodies for Ultrasonic and Eddy Current Testing

Since our inception, the manufacturing of reference bodies for ultrasonic and eddy current testing has been a cornerstone of our company. Our clientele includes reputable manufacturers of bar steel, tubes, testing system builders, and testing laboratories both domestically and internationally. We offer unparalleled precision and quality to optimize your testing processes.

Precision Manufacturing and Quality Assurance

The grooves and bores we produce are sharp-edged, flat, and precisely perpendicular. To ensure this level of precision, we employ a specially developed measurement system that accompanies the process to measure bores and grooves. This approach allows us to uphold the highest quality standards.

Transparency through Detailed Protocols

To empower you with control, we create a detailed protocol for each test body. This protocol includes target and actual data, along with a cross-sectional image of the test defect, enabling you to scrutinize the geometry accurately.

Versatile Material Processing

We integrate test defects into a wide range of materials, sourced either by you or through our procurement channels. This flexibility enables us to meet your specific requirements effectively.

-Comprehensive Services for Complete Testing Units

-In constructing complete testing units with various types of test defects, we offer the following services:

-Longitudinal grooves (inner and outer)

-Segment grooves (inner and outer)

-Inclined grooves (inner and outer)

-Ring grooves

-Duplication defects

-Flat-bottom bores

-Wall thickness test sections

-Special defects upon request

-Integration of seamless plug or threaded connections

-Seamlessly welding individual testing elements into complete units

Consultation and Support

Should you have any inquiries, our experienced team stands ready to provide expert guidance on all matters concerning the production and utilization of reference bodies.Discover the possibilities offered by our expertise and state-of-the-art technology. We look forward to realizing your projects with the utmost precision and quality. Contact us for personalized consultation and tailored solutions.