Contract Manufacturing

Precision Perfected: CNC Turning and Milling Parts

Our company is synonymous with the highest precision and quality in the manufacturing of turning and milling parts. Utilizing cutting-edge CNC machines alongside proven conventional methods, we produce components tailored to your exact specifications. Our CNC technology, coupled with the expertise of our seasoned professionals, ensures short lead times and utmost accuracy.

Our Expertise: Challenging Materials, Perfect Results

We specialize in machining difficult-to-handle materials, including:

- Specialty and stainless steels

- Nickel-based alloys

- Titanium alloys

- Copper

Comprehensive Services through Long-Standing Partnerships

Thanks to our reliable partners, we offer a comprehensive range of services. We provide heat treatment, surface finishing, and welding to deliver ready-to-install parts.

Turnkey Solutions

In addition to manufacturing, we also offer assembly services upon request, integrating our delivered parts into complete assemblies. This ensures seamless integration and smooth project execution.

Your Contact for All Inquiries

Our dedicated team is available to provide expert advice and support on all aspects of manufacturing and assembly of your components. Contact us for personalized consultation and tailored solutions perfectly aligned with your needs.

Explore the possibilities offered by our modern CNC machinery and experienced team. We look forward to delivering your projects with the highest precision and quality.


Here you will find a list of our machining capabilities: